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Dear Newbies and First-Timers: Welcome to Fathom Ministries – The Youth Ministry of Asbury Church in Madison, Alabama.

Welcome to Fathom. If you are reading this then you are either new to this group, wish you were new, or lost in this website. No matter what the reason – I am glad you are here.

God is doing something new in us. I have watched Him lead our group to be unlike any I have ever seen. If you are new to our Youth Group, you need to know that we are seeking after God together. As a group, we are looking for God to reveal Himself and His truth to us. If you want to seek after and know God, this is the right place to do that.

We are pushing after God – and an important word in that sentence is “we”. We are a group. We are a body. And we includes you. Together we are growing, learning, and experiencing new things. We want to be known by one-another, and we want to know one-another. Of course there are groups of friends in this ministry, but if you will make an effort to join with us, we will receive you with love.

You will see that this group has an amazing balance of fun and seriousness. We love camps, rivers, paintballs, fields, and pools. We also love prayer, confession, study, and discovery. Come check this ministry out. Come see what God has made you to do and continue to learn who He is creating you to be. Come be with us. Come by and talk to us, ask us any questions you have. Have your people call my people…we’ll do lunch.

Welcome to Fathom.

Peter Dahlin
Director of Youth Ministries
Asbury Church

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