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What Is a Backwater Valve and Why Do You Need One?

This is probably a question that everyone who has experienced a flooding basement or drainage problems has asked themselves after the initial research on fixing the matter. A BACKWATER VALVE INSTALLATION TORONTO is an important component of any drainage system, especially in areas with a high flood rate.

A backwatervalve is a mechanical a one-way valve, meaning that when you use such a device, water simply cannot push its way back into your home. In other words, it is a valve designed to prevent sewer water from backing up or overflowing.

Here is a question we are often asked: “I have never had a flooded basement during storms, do I really need a backwater valve?” In most cases, the answer is “yes”.

Here are two of the reasons why you should install a backwater valve irrespective of your flooding history or lack thereof.

1. The Weather

Heavy downpours, storms and sudden heavy rainfall are all large contributors to basement flooding, especially in places like the Great Toronto Area. Do you know the old cliche that says nothing is more unpredictable than weather?

Well, it’s a cliche for a reason: it’s true. Plus, given climate change, we all know that we can’t expect to have the same weather we did ten years ago.

2. It Prevents Extreme Cases Of Water Backing Up

Sewage backing up into homes and flooding basement is not unheard of. When an object blocks the main sewer line, it is common that the water will probably accumulate and back upuntil it reaches the next upstream opening where it will flow freely. That is why the plumbing code requires that when a fixture is installed, it is done so that the spill rim is below the next upstream manhole in the street. Plus, that fixture must be protected by a backwater valve.

After installation, all the backwater valve needs to work properly is routine maintenance. But you should not many problems (or any) if the backwater valve is properly installed. This largely depends on the backwater valve installing company you choose, of course.

You need a Toronto plumbing company that knows how to do future-proof work. Ask whether they offer maintenance or not. Plumbers who only tackle the installation of the backwater valve are typically those who are afraid of seeing you again because of the poor job they did.

You don’t want to work with them.

If you’re looking for a Toronto plumbing company that cares about your ROI and protecting your long-term investment, you have come to the right place. We always use the best tools and materials for our backwater installation projects, so that your home is safe for many years to come.

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