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Cyprus Registry

Cyprus Registry

5. Bank Account After Registration of Cyprus Company

cyprus company informationA bank account can be opened for it very easily in one of many banks in the country after the Cyprus company registration. Opening a banking account can be achieved into the lack of the investor that is foreign and fuss free. A banking account provides all of the necessary solutions needed for an expert such as for example internet banking, visa card, digipass, multicurrency, low bank costs, no minimum deposit terms and quick and free transfer of money inside and out regarding the nation. We work with many banks inside and out regarding the country for quick bank reports. We are formal introducer to a large number of banking institutions so after the Cyprus company registration a bank account are exposed as a matter of routine as well as really fees that are reasonable. Just call us or email us for lots more details.
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4. Will i would like special permits or licenses for my new company in Cyprus?

Depending on the company activity you want to conduct, there are companies that require unique licenses or permits. Our Cypriot solicitors could possibly offer you more details in the matter.

5. What is the procedure of debt collection in Cyprus?

Business collection agencies agencies are often entrusted with carrying out debt data recovery proceedings in Cyprus. Additionally, there are cases that are tried by the Cypriot District Courts.

6. Do you need a visa to enter Cyprus? How do we obtain it?

International citizens of non-EU countries are required to apply for a Cypriot visa with regards to the intent behind their visit. Our law firm can guide you through the application form procedure.

7. Exactly what are the actions i have to follow to be able to obtain citizenship in Cyprus?

You can get Cypriot citizenship by delivery right, by naturalization, by marrying a nationwide or by investment. Citizenship by marriage can be acquired after 36 months of marriage, while by naturalization can be acquired after living 7 years in the united states.

8. What are the needs regarding employment in Cyprus?

International citizens of non-EU countries may apply for a residence or employment permit after their arrival in Cyprus. They must first register for social protection and then seek work.

9. any kind of special demands for wedding and/or divorce or separation in Cyprus?

Marriage registration in Cyprus consists in publishing both a common and a petition that is separate both spouses. A declaration of consent before a Cypriot District Court may be required in certain cases. The wedding will be registered between 15 days and 3 months after the declarations have now been submitted. Divorce cases are tried by Family Courts.