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Custom Made Pens

Custom Made Pens

Making custom pens is a really take pleasure inable hobby. Many woodworkers don'thing else, as this is a simple way to make a project from begin to end in very little time. It does not require a large funding in tools and supplies, or require a big work space.

Required Instruments (the very basics)

1. A small lathe, used to turn the pen.
2. A single turning device, like a medium sized gouge to shape the pen.
3. A small drill press, which is optional, to drill the center hole.
4. A mandrel, which is the tool the pen blanks are mounted on, and installed on the lathe, and have bushings, which information you in turning the ends to the desired diameter.
5. A technique of pressing the pen hardware together is really all you need to go from a square pen blank, to a lovely, finished pen blank. Many individuals use a wood clamp for this.

Required Materials

1. Pen blanks, as they are called, is a small piece of fabric, often ¾ of an inch square, by 5 ½ inches lengthy, are readily available from many sources.
2. Pen Kits, also available at these same provide sources, include all the actual pen parts.
3. Epoxy, or super glue, is used to glue the brass tube into the pen blank. (The brass tube is supplied in the pen kit).
4. A end to put on the pen to guard it from the oils on your hand during use.

The blanks may also be purchased with much of the work, if it may be called that, pre done. They're already minimize to tough length, and rounded to an applicable size to begin turning. The required gap can be drilled to accept the pen hardware, eliminating the need for a drill press.

These blanks are available in many materials. Exotic woods, sure metals, plastics, strong surface materials, like Corian, and much more. Even deer antlers are a generally used materials, and are easily obtained.

The Pen Kits, which is how the hardware of the pen is purchased, are available in many kinds and finishes, and include all the required components to complete your pen. Specialty pens, created around different hobbies, equivalent to hunting, or fishing, and sports like baseball or football, hockey or tennis, just about anything you'll be able to think of, have pocket clips custom-made to assist you to make the pen for anyone. Even clips for different professions like docs or attorneys are available.


If shopping for the standard sized pen blanks, step one is to cross cut them in half. If making a number of at a time, laying them against a fixed object, and with the ends flush, mark the midway point on one blank and using a sq., mark all the blanks. The safest solution to lower them is a band saw, if available, but even a hand noticed is fine.

When you intend to mass produce them, it is worth making a jig to remove the measuring and marking step. It's then just laying the blanks on the jig and slicing them with an applicable saw.

The next step is drilling the middle hole, lengthwise by way of the blanks. The opening measurement is set by the type of pen kit used, and is noted within the kit. 7mm may be very common.

Particular clamping vises are available for drilling the middle gap and are very handy. They make drilling the outlet completely parallel, a lot simpler. Although they're around $30.00, they're nicely worth it. Another option to drill the clean is to hold it in a wood clamp, making certain it's sq. to the table. Doing this is a bit difficult, and somewhat aggravating, however actually doable.

As soon as the drilling is completed, gluing the brass tube is next. Once more, there is a device designed for this, (round $ 10.00), but a nail set works just fine. Using super glue works properly, as does epoxy. The thick, gap filling super glue is the one to use. Before making use of the glue, sand the tube just a little, just to rough it up and give the glue something to "chunk" on to. Apply the glue across the tube and insert it into the hole. Relying upon the treatment time of the glue, depart it until the glue is dry.